Michael Fricano on VR in EDU

Here's a summary of our connection: 

Who is Michael Fricano?  0:17

Tell us about Resources? Presentations? Videos? Future of your site?  1:54

What are some ways you have seen VR used effectively in the classroom? 5:51

You also work with the Janus group. What is your role with them and what is their goal? 9:17

If a teacher is looking to start using VR tools in their classroom, what advice would you give them? 11:13

What do you see as the future of VR in education? 12:35

Anything you would like to leave with the VR in education community?  13:27 

Visit Michael's website at

Or contact him through his Facebook or Twitter accounts:

If you are more interested in finding out more about The Janus Group, you can also check out their site here: 

Corey Engstrom

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