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0:21 Intro Emily
1:08 An Overview of Squirrels Tools.
4:00 ClassHub
9:40 Reflector
12:06 Examples of uses with VR in the classroom

Squirrels programs don't have a VR focus but they are powerful tools to aid in collaboration and presentation of student VR work in the classroom. Since I often use Reflector in my classroom to aid collaboration and participation in VR I reached out to the Squirrels team to get an insider's look into what they offer. Two of the tools that are particularly well suited for this work are ClassHub and Reflector. Each have different strengths which we discuss a bit more in depth in our interview, but I gave some short summaries below to help. 

ClassHub has the ability to share the screen of a Chromebook, computer, etc. to a teacher's computer. This allows the teacher to share work from students who are working on a VR project in a program like CoSpaces with the rest of the class without sharing a link. The teacher controls when and how long the students screen is shared with the rest of the class. It is a quick way to do this wirelessly throughout the lesson. 

Reflector is a tool that can allow iOS and Android devices to airplay or cast their screen to a computer. This has allowed me to reflect my iPhone screen to my computer which I can project for the rest of the class to see. I will use this tool when one of my students is using our class VR headset to experience a 3-D world or educational YouTube video. Since many of us don't have the resources to purchase devices for the entire classroom, Reflector allows for the rest of the class to still participate when a VR headset is being used. 

Have you had any experience using ClassHub or Reflector to share VR content in your classroom? Share your experience in the discussion below!

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