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Some highlights from our connection: 

Introduction to Monica: 0:11

Immersive Storytelling with VR: 1:25

Creating vs. Consumption: 5:32

Creating your own 360 Video: 6:59

360 Video Creation Tips: 11:17

Always come back to the "Why" when using Tech: 14:50

Monica Burns began her EdTech career as a 5th grade teacher in New York City. Since then she has transitioned to become an influential blogger, speaker, author, and EdTech coach. Monica has a talent for sharing technology applications in the classroom and providing a solid framework for their implementation. One of the reasons I have enjoyed following Monica's work so much is because of her attention to purpose. She understands that classroom tech is a tool that should should be applied appropriately to enhance lessons not distract from the content.

Monica just launched 360 Video Thursdays where she shares out some unique ways to use 360 images and video in the classroom. Her growing passion for 360 video and virtual reality in education has been growing this year as she has seen some real positive applications. During our connection we talked about an affordable add-on camera that she has been using to take 360 videos with her iPhone. She uses these 360's to create immersive video for her blog and trainings. Coupling these 360 videos with NearPod has allowed her to pace presentations and share these experiences with students and teachers. Here's a short video she took while she was in New York: 

It was great talking with Monica about how she creates 360 video and how VR can be a powerful tool to help students learn. She has some great resources on her site so make sure you take a look. One of my favorite posts I'd highly recommend checking out is "Why I'm Excited About 360 Video in Education". Monica has some really useful tips, lessons, and downloadable content on her site that is worth taking a look at. If you have any questions for Monica her Twitter handle is @ClassTechTips

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Jaime Donally on AR/VR in EDU

Looking to the Future with Jaime Donally


“We are failing our kids.”


Jaime Donally, a woman hard at work in east Texas, has been struck with how limited a view many kids have of the world they live in. She recently asked her students what they were planning on doing during their summer holiday.


“Probably go to Walmart.”

Many of our children stay in their hometown where they are limited to the point where they think of shopping as the only type of excitement they have access to. Jaime wants to change all that. She sees how virtual reality can totally break down those walls and allow our kids to connect to things they couldn’t connect to without the technology. 

I recently participated in EdChange Global Classrooms event and connected my classroom with students and teachers from around the globe. Jaime's passion for connecting people together and allowing kids to look outside their classroom walls really shows through in her organization of this powerful event. 

@JaimeDonally also works to connect people together for the event EdChange  Global Classrooms #ECGC


Jaime is currently working hard sharing her passion of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) with other teachers. Her advice for those in the teaching profession is to think big, but make sure you do it in a manageable way. Tools for using AR and VR are out now, and even more should be coming out soon that will be inexpensive. You don’t necessarily need to go out and buy the most expensive tools to use in your classroom.


Consider what devices you already have and what you can do with those devices. There are incredible experiences you can give your children even with the little you have right now. Look to the future! Dream big. Make goals. The better you plan things out, the more likely you will be to succeed.

Jaime shared some great resources from her presentations at TCEA here.


There are so many exciting things happening in the educational world and so many new things to look forward to! In the future, our classrooms are probably going to be much more virtual than we’ve ever imagined.


If you’d like to learn more about using AR and VR in your own classroom or want to find out more about what Jaime is doing, check out her website! She’d love to share her passion with you and help you learn how to serve your students better with technology.


Helpful Links and Resources from this Interview:


Jaime’s website:


Twitter: @jaimedonally

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Rachelle Poth on Nearpod

How do you get students interested in learning with all of the modern day distractions?  

This educator uses tech. to connect.

Rachelle Poth has over 20 years of teaching experience. Currently she teaches foreign language just outside of Pittsburgh at Riverview Junior Senior High School in Oakmont, PA.  Rachelle also teaches STEAM, an emerging technology course to a class of eighth graders.  While the STEAM course is definitely modern in design and topic, Rachelle has found tools such as Nearpod that allow her to adapt even her traditional courses to be more engaging and interactive.

Rachelle Dene Poth


Nearpod is a software meets hardware solution for the classroom which brings the teacher’s daily lesson direct to the student’s desk via handheld devices or computers.  Some of Rachelle’s favorite Nearpod features are the virtual tours and real time quizzes and polls.  Teachers can ask a question to the class and get real time results to display for interactive question and answer sessions.


Knowing that teaching is not a one-size-fits-all activity, Rachelle uses Nearpod to differentiate her instruction and encourage independent learning. Dynamic lesson planning and on the go changes let Rachelle make changes to the lesson plan from class to class, changing the order of exercises or tweaking a question or individual lesson component on demand. A far cry from the days of making 60 photocopies of your static, template style class handouts.



Nearpod is just one of the solutions Rachelle has used to connect with her students that have come of age in the era of social media, smartphones and readily available home laptops and tablets.  And while innovation is generally a good thing, Rachelle advises fellow teachers to make sure that whatever solution they may be implementing, technology should always have a purpose.  Students are increasingly tech savvy and even the newest bells and whistles won’t hold their interest if there isn’t a solid educational substance.

Rachelle with some of her student leaders.


If you’d like to hear more about the various tools Rachelle Poth uses in her classroom check out her blog: You can also connect with Rachelle via Twitter or her LinkedIn account.



Rachelle’s Blog:

Twitter: @rdene915


NearPod's Website:

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