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VR Drop and Share with Jack Maddalena

Here's a summary of our connection: 

Who is Jack? 0:07

What is VR Drop and Share? 1:03

Where to get the content of VR Drop and Share? 2:11

How does it look like? 3:21

Is there a maximum amount of users collaborating in one photo? 5:12

Can this application be used in education? 9:03

Is there going to be 360 video? 11:27

Are there platforms that are yet to be released? 14:01

VR Drop and Share is an application that allows multiple users to talk and collaborate inside a virtual image. The images shared within the application can personally uploaded 360's or you can choose from one of the unique environments they provide in their stock library.

I had a great time talking with the App's founder, Jack Maddalena about how VR Drop and Share provides a way for educators to creatively collaborate with students within virtual spaces. The great thing about VR Drop and Share is that it is available on both iOS and Android devices. It isn't just for high-end Oculus or Vive users, opening up powerful VR collaboration opportunities for almost anyone with a smartphone. One of my favorite features of the app is the ability for users to see where others are looking in real-time. The app uses simple semi-transparent circles that move around the 360 environment until they focus on one area, then they disappear. It gives a real sense of collaborative presence when using the app.

If you would like to find our more about VR Drop and Share be sure to check out their website or reach out to Jack on Twitter at @jackmaddalena or @vrcraftworks or @vrdropandshare

Also check out VR Drop and Share's Explainer Video:

And their Press Release here:…

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Connection with CoSpaces!

I had a great opportunity to connect with Thomas and Manuela from CoSpaces and learn about some of their most recent additions to the program. The feature that I was most excited about was the ability to import your own 360 photos into CoSpaces and augment them using pre-made and created content. This opens up some really interesting possibilities for educational use. I had a few photos from a recent ski trip I took with my Ricoh Theta S and had a great time testing out this new feature with some of the pictures I had taken. I was able to add penguins in the snow and a CoSpaces manekin on the chair lift next to me. Fun stuff! I'm looking forward to augmenting some custom 360's with my 5th graders.

I listed some of the questions we cover in our connection below:

Tell us a little bit about who you are and your role with Delightex?
Why was CoSpaces created? Was it intended exclusively for educational use?
Can you give a simple overview of some of the key features of CoSpaces?
I have had great experience with CoSpaces in my classroom. Are there any other applications/resources Delightex has created?
Can you share any upcoming developments for CoSpaces?
How do you think VR is going to change the educational landscape in the coming years?
Would you be willing to share any resources (documents, websites, images, etc.) that might help other teachers create something like this in their classrooms?

Enjoy the interview! 

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