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Some highlights from our connection: 

Introduction to Monica: 0:11

Immersive Storytelling with VR: 1:25

Creating vs. Consumption: 5:32

Creating your own 360 Video: 6:59

360 Video Creation Tips: 11:17

Always come back to the "Why" when using Tech: 14:50

Monica Burns began her EdTech career as a 5th grade teacher in New York City. Since then she has transitioned to become an influential blogger, speaker, author, and EdTech coach. Monica has a talent for sharing technology applications in the classroom and providing a solid framework for their implementation. One of the reasons I have enjoyed following Monica's work so much is because of her attention to purpose. She understands that classroom tech is a tool that should should be applied appropriately to enhance lessons not distract from the content.

Monica just launched 360 Video Thursdays where she shares out some unique ways to use 360 images and video in the classroom. Her growing passion for 360 video and virtual reality in education has been growing this year as she has seen some real positive applications. During our connection we talked about an affordable add-on camera that she has been using to take 360 videos with her iPhone. She uses these 360's to create immersive video for her blog and trainings. Coupling these 360 videos with NearPod has allowed her to pace presentations and share these experiences with students and teachers. Here's a short video she took while she was in New York: 

It was great talking with Monica about how she creates 360 video and how VR can be a powerful tool to help students learn. She has some great resources on her site so make sure you take a look. One of my favorite posts I'd highly recommend checking out is "Why I'm Excited About 360 Video in Education". Monica has some really useful tips, lessons, and downloadable content on her site that is worth taking a look at. If you have any questions for Monica her Twitter handle is @ClassTechTips

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Gene Osborn is a learning technology integrator who offers tech support to two different schools in his area. One of his focus projects this year has been using Minecraft in the classroom. Currently, he is working on developing a new project using the HTC Vive in his district for next year. Gene has some great insight into why VR is becoming a valuable tool in education. "The goal is to make kids feel like school is a safe and fun and amazing place to be." Using virtual reality is one way to achieve this goal. 

I had a blast talking with Gene about how VR is changing the way students engage and get excited about classroom content. He has some valuable first-hand experience implementing the HTC Vive into a school district and understands the dynamics of using VR with students. One of my favorite moments from our connection was hearing about Gene's passion for creation and collaboration using VR in education. If you are interested in learning more be sure to reach out to Gene on twitter or here on our Teach in VR Community. 

Some highlights from our connection: 

  • About Gene 0:14
  • Minecraft 1:16
  • Immersive VR 3:30
  • HTC Vive 6:34
  • The future of VR in Education 9:55
  • Classroom Management and HTC Vive 12:56
  • Creating VR Content 18:40
  • Collaborating, Creating, and Problem Solving 22:02
  • How to connect with Gene @genelosborn 27:15

Be sure to reach out to Gene here on Teach in VR or via Twitter at @genelosborn for more information. 

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