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Loving the discussions on this page and looking forward to all the news, advice, and sharing that is to come! I am curious about the main points about VR that got you to invest in it for your classroom or school. Specifically, HTC Vive is what I am working with and I'm trying to figure out how to get past the barrier of expense and the limited amounts of content currently available.

We have been looking at the HP Z VR Backpack bundle paired with the HTC Vive that allows a user to develop 3D and VR content on the workstation, then undock it, put in on a backpack, plug in the HTC Vive, and experience your creation in VR right away completely untethered. It's advertised that a user could create a 3D render of a car, then suit up and enter the model in VR and manipulate from there. But, of course, the actual software and workflow doesn't seem to exist for that yet, at least to my knowledge. Does anybody know of anything out there at the moment, or is this purely cutting edge tech that still needs content development?

Any specific advice on the HTC Vive and how you would convince the higher ups that it is worth the cost and exactly how you would use it in your classroom would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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