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dr. David Martin FERGE is now a member of Teach in VR
Jan 6
Casey Schunn posted a discussion
Hey everybody! Loving the discussions on this page and looking forward to all the news, advice, and sharing that is to come! I am curious about the main points about VR that got you to invest in it for your classroom or school. Specifically, HTC Viv…
Jan 5
Casey Schunn is now a member of Teach in VR
Jan 5
Robyn Vierra is now a member of Teach in VR
Dec 29, 2017


CVCUE 2017


Teach in VR Blog

Glenn Wiebe on VR in the Classroom

Here is a summary of what we discussed in our connection:

Can you tell us who you are and what you do? 0:14

What are some of the tools you came across in the classroom? Like Google Cardboard? 1:24

How did you see the excitement of the students using VR in the classroom? 3:53

How was your experience of…

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0:21 Intro Emily
1:08 An Overview of Squirrels Tools.
4:00 ClassHub
9:40 Reflector
12:06 Examples of uses with VR in the classroom

Squirrels programs don't have a VR focus but they are powerful tools to aid in collaboration and presentation of student VR work in the classroom. Since I often use Reflector in my classroom to aid collaboration…

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